USSEC Policies and Procedures

Please rely on this web page to provide you with the most up-to-date policies and procedures documents in effect (as of the date you are viewing this website), pertaining to USSEC. These documents provide guidelines for staff, contractors, grower leaders, and board members to understand and adhere to while working at/with USSEC. If you have any questions, or would like to submit a change request concerning contents of this site, please contact (Kipp Westmark) for more details.

*A written process for updating USSEC’s policies and procedures can be found by referencing “37. USSEC Policies & Procedures Process” in the “Additional Procedures” section of this page.


1. Code of Ethics

1a. Code of Ethics Process

2. Conflict of Interest Policy

2a. Annual Conflict of Interest Statement Disclosures for Directors and Officers

3. Confidentiality of Information

3a. Confidentiality of Information Process

4. Whistleblower Policy

4a. Whistleblower Process

5. Anti-harassment Policy

5a. Anti-harassment Process

6. Antitrust Policy

6a. Antitrust Process

7. Fraud Policy

7a. Fraud Process

8. Accounting Policy



8c. Payroll Process

9. Borrowing Policy

10. Budget Approval

10a. Budget Approval Process

11. Sponsorships and Endowments Policy

12. Gifts and Donations Policy

13. Solicitation of Funds and Financial Rewards Policy

14. Reserve Policy

14a. Reserve Process

15. Board Insurance Policy

16. Business Continuity Policy

17. Delegation of Authority Policy


18. Amendment of Board Policy

18a. Amendment of Board Policy Process

19. Executive Session Policy

19a. Executive Session Process

20. Records Retention Policy


21. Nepotism Policy

22. Non-fraternization Policy

23. Contracts Policy

23a. Contracting Procedures

24. International Travel Security Policy

24a. International Travel Security Process





25. Minutes Policy

26. Pecuniary Rewards

27. Annual Incentive Employee Compensation Policy

28. Executive Compensation and Intermediate Sanctions Policy

29. USSEC CEO Evaluation and Contract Policy


30. Annual Conflict of Interest Statement for Employees and Contractors of USSEC

31. Anti-harassment Protocol


32. Amendment of Board Policy

33. Board Roles and Responsibilities

33a. Board Member General Charge

33b. Board Chairperson Role

33c. Vice Chairperson General Charge

33d. Board Secretary General Charge

33e. Board Treasurer General Charge

33f. Committee Members General Charge

33g. Committee Chair General Charge

33h. Committee Vice Chair General Charge

33i. Committee Commissions

33j. International Marketing Dialogue Task Force

33k. Board Member Agreement


34. Technology Usage

35. Communications Protocol

36. Intellectual Property Rights

37. USSEC Policies and Procedures Process