Market Insights

Consumer demand for protein is a key driver for the global soybean market.

Overall demand for U.S. Soy remains strong both domestically and internationally. Exports and their continued growth are critical for the U.S. Soy complex. Currently, nearly 60 percent of U.S. Soy products are exported. Long-term demand growth continues at a strong pace and U.S. Soy is well-positioned to serve the global market.

Around the world, U.S. Soy is part of billions of lives. Soybean meal has long been a key ingredient of animal feeds in the Middle East/North Africa and Europe. And it’s not just for poultry and swine anymore as aquaculture takes root in places like Southeast Asia and the Americas. In Northeast Asia, U.S. Soy is utilized for foods and beverages. In South Asia and Greater China, soy demand continues to rise as populations grow. And a growing population and subsequent protein demand in Sub-Saharan Africa offer even more opportunities for U.S. Soy.

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You can download the 2024 USSEC Market Snapshots PDF here.

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