Soy Excellence Centers

Capacity Building for the Global Protein Value Chain 

Soy Excellence Centers (SECs) provide protein enterprises with work force training and capacity building programs to enhance productivity in the protein value chain of emerging markets.  

SECs target entry to mid-level professionals seeking career advancement in the protein industry.  Increased workforce preparedness leads to more efficient production of protein, impacting the entire value chain.  

Higher productivity increases profits for protein enterprises, which can create more jobs and expand access to protein at lower costs, supporting positive development outcomes in economic growth, food security, nutrition, and health. 

Our Vision 

The Soy Excellence Center vision is to create a global network of tomorrow’s soy leaders across the globe. As a professional development program, SECs provide a pathway for participants to achieve professional training certification and career advancement.  

The Program 

SEC training programs are organized into sector-specific track-based curriculum. Focus area curriculums are developed with input from local industry partners and global experts. SECs currently provide training and capacity building in the following focus area tracks, with more expected to come online over time: 

  • Poultry Production 
  • Feed Milling 
  • Aquaculture  
  • Soybean Processing & Refining Technology
  • Swine Production   

Beyond the formal curriculum, the U.S. soy industry has invested in the development of the SEC digital platform. This platform is a virtual professional development community providing on-demand continuing education content, access to industry experts, and a global community of industry peers. In turn, this platform collectively supports continuing innovation and the sustainability of program results. 

Four Regional Hubs, One Mission 

Since 2019, SEC programs have been established in four emerging markets: Middle East & North Africa, South Asia & Southeast Asia, Sub Saharan Africa, and the Americas. 

Trainees and Steering Committee Members at Aquaculture Program, hosted at Worldfish, Cairo (June 2022)
SEC Steering Committee Members with Nigeria Advisory Council (June 2022)
Trainees at Poultry Farm in Honduras (March 2022)
South and Southeast Asia Advisory Councils with SEC Steering Committee (July 2022)


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