Soy Excellence Centers

Skilling Workers and Building Professionals

Through the exchange of ideas, science, and on-the-job expertise, we work to build professionals and support their growth within the food and agricultural sectors. The Soy Excellence Center (SEC) helps participants advance their career and is a resource for business leaders to employ as a tool for talent development.

Our Vision

Improve the health and nutrition of local communities in budding markets by building capacity and the market potential of businesses in the food and agricultural supply chain.

Provide professional development training and course curriculum to help individuals advance their career and take pride in the services they provide and expertise they deliver on the job.

Facilitate food and agribusiness company employee trainings and workshops (workforce education) that can help to overcome key inefficiencies, challenges and operational agribusiness hurdles in operations of various sizes across the region.

Share an understanding of the uses and applications of soybeans, which have many demonstrated benefits, to help facilitate the supply of high-quality protein sources.

Where We Operate

Around the world, you find four Soy Excellence Centers, which are designed to serve as regional hubs for professional development and training with courses, workshops and seminars led by world-renowned instructors. Our partner universities and institutions build the curriculum, accounting culture, economy, and regional differences.

Today, you’ll find Soy Excellence Centers in:

Education Leads to Opportunity

Curriculum goes “beyond the farm gate” and focuses on building career paths in science, technology, and business, exposing students to a range of required skills and knowledge. Our high-quality technical training improves the skills of workers in commercial operations, teaches business and marketing tactics necessary to increase entrepreneurial opportunities, and equips students with social capital. After completing the curriculum, SEC graduates earn a professional certification.

We believe that promoting education and excellence in emerging markets is a first step toward creating the stability needed to provide a launchpad for prosperity around the world.

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