South Asia

South Asia

In South Asia, soy demand is strong as a nascent soy crushing industry has flourished and blossomed into some of the world’s largest whole soybean importers.

Both Pakistan and Bangladesh have imported over  1 MMT  of U.S. soybeans and are on pace to crush even more as expansion projects demand more feedstock. In 2019, U.S. soy products represented the number one or number two agricultural import in four of the five countries (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal). In 2018, the region eclipsed $1 billion of U.S. soy imports. 

Despite this phenomenal growth, the region still has tremendous potential for U.S. Soy. India alone is home to one of the world’s largest compound animal feed industries, boasting the largest cattle herd in the world and a rapidly accelerating poultry industry, thanks to a new and younger demographic of consumers. Together, the demographics, urbanization, resource scarcity and economic growth make South Asia a ripe region for U.S. Soy investment. 

South Asia Region

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