soybean field

USSEC Holds 2017 Poultry Production Training Session in China

USSEC China led a delegation of twenty to participate in the 2017 Poultry Production Training Session in Raleigh, North Carolina from March 4 - 12. The delegation was comprised of representatives from China’s poultry integrators, feed mills, and poultry farms.

USSEC China AU Director Dr. Richard Han translates and introduces soybean processing
Dr. Han introduces U.S. soybeans at Strickland Farm

During the training session organized by USSEC, the delegation visited Cargill Grain Crushing Plant, Strickland Farm, and a Perdue chicken farm. They also trained at North Carolina State University on poultry management, housing and equipment, intestinal health, and quality assurance programs.
USSEC China Animal Utilization (AU) Director Dr. Richard Han and AU Program Manager Sunny Zhang escorted the delegation. Dr. Han delivered a briefing on the sustainability of U.S. Soy and USSEC activities.

The delegation visits Perdue’s chicken farm
The delegation visits NC State’s feed mill, with Ms. Zhang translating