Empowering Everyone to Optimize Soy Value and Insights with the New Soybean Value Calculators

Refreshed capabilities to nourish your business for precision and profit, no matter your technical expertise.

The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) is introducing the new and improved Soybean Oil Value Calculator and Soybean Value Calculator. These tools are designed to provide unmatched insights into optimizing and harnessing the power of soybeans, empowering users to make informed decisions regardless of their technical expertise.

The Soybean Value Calculators (SVCs) are innovative tools relevant for any user in the soy industry. They enable the calculation and comparison of the economic value of soybeans from various origins. The data used in the calculators to specify composition by origin are sourced from multi-year survey data (whole soybeans and soybean oil) and a global database that includes daily measurements of composition by origin (soybean meal).

What are the Refreshed and Redesigned Capabilities of the Soybean Value Calculators?

The updated SVCs now have easier-to-use capabilities with a refreshed design. Here are three SVC upgrades which simplify your user experience:

1) Improved Benefits Summary
See the annual and daily benefit in total U.S. dollars or in U.S. dollars per metric ton, in addition to the detail of the revenue and costs by category.

2. New Navigation Ribbon
Simplified organization and navigation icons allow you quick and easy access to the categories of information.

3. New Slider Functionality
Enhanced slider functionality allows more flexibility to customize inputs to your exact needs and optimize results for your business.

So, How Do the USSEC SVCs Work in Practice?

The Soybean Value Calculator is an innovative tool that enables users to calculate and compare the economic value of crushing soybeans from different origins. Based on origin-specific whole soybean characteristics, the calculator estimates and compares the actual, quality-adjusted whole soybean crush margin by accounting for differences in co-product yields, soybean meal nutrient value, soybean oil refining costs, and plant efficiencies by origin. Soybean meal value is estimated based on nutritional composition (digestible amino acids and energy) differences by country of origin. Soybean oil refining yield and costs are estimated from the Soybean Oil Value Calculator. Access the Soybean Value Calculator.

The Soybean Oil Value Calculator is a similar tool that enables refiners to make evidence-based, data-driven decisions in their soybean and soybean oil purchases based on oil quality and refining yield by country of origin. The calculator quantifies the economic value of processing soybean oil by origin due to refining yield loss and cost differences. It analyzes soybean oil refining yield, refined soybean oil revenue potential, crude degummed soybean oil cost, and refining costs (refining, bleaching, utilities) from Argentina, Brazil, and the U.S. Over 800 samples of crude degummed soybean oil collected in real-world conditions form the foundation of these results. Access the Soybean Oil Value Calculator.

Jump-start Your Soybean Value Calculator Journey to Nourish Your Business!

New processes and tools can seem challenging. The time and effort required to learn, access, and use them can keep users at bay. With SVCs, it’s easy for anyone to use, regardless of their technical expertise. Your business benefits by reducing the learning curve and allowing more of your team to discover and use these tools with ease.

As your awareness and adoption of the Soybean Value Calculators scale, we can’t wait to see the impact you create to nourish your business with precision and profit.

Start your journey with the Soybean Value Calculators today!

This story was partially funded by U.S. Soy farmers, their checkoff and the soy value chain.  

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