Turkish Poultry Representatives Find Value in USSEC’s Broiler Training Course

Three representatives from Turkey’s three largest poultry companies attended USSEC’s broiler training course organized from June 17 to 21 in Spain. Other large groups of participants from other European countries were also present.
USSEC’s broiler course was conducted in two parts. The first part included presentations on soybean meal quality research, broiler management, pathology, nutrition, and carcass and meat quality. The second part consisted of field visits where the Turkish representatives had a chance to witness poultry production and discuss it with the Spanish producers. Both parts of the course were valuable to the participants who discovered information for their current production problems and had an opportunity to discuss these problems in greater detail with the speakers.
The education of large broiler companies’ representatives on the modern practice of broiler production, management, meat quality, pathology and U.S. soybean meal quality is very important for further development of Turkey’s soy market. Additionally, social and networking activities during the field visits provided excellent opportunities to develop and strengthen the relationships between the customers in Greater Europe.
Providing continuous technical support to Europe’s large poultry customers will help these customers to understand the importance of U.S. soybeans as a reliable and sustainable raw material and will be helpful in building demand for U.S. Soy.