Eastern European End Users Confirm U.S. Soy is Ideal Ingredient in Tailored Broiler Diets

Increased U.S. Soy imports and availability this year offered the opportunity to Romanian and Bulgarian end users to continuously use soybean meal originating from U.S. beans. Additionally, the poultry nutritionists understood the benefits and incorporated the superior nutritional value into the diets. Beginning this year, they had access to more meal derived from U.S. Soy, and so the Romanian and Bulgarian nutritionists took advantage of the availability of U.S. Soy in the local market and incorporated into feeds with the goal of increasing the efficiency of their broiler flocks.

U.S. Soy-derived meal is continuously available this year for the Romanian and Bulgarian feed industries.

As the “average” chicken does not exist in the real world, nutritionists have to design feeding programs to fit poultry needs. For this, high quality ingredients are needed in order to have flexibility and save space in the formulas. Based on the latest nutritional science-generated data from the recent peer-reviewed, published study by the University of Madrid, the nutritionists updated their ingredient matrices and formulations. The main finding was that thanks to the superior protein composition, U.S. Soy-derived meal is offering more space in the formulas and flexibility in designing fine-tuned feeding programs for broilers. Later, this was reconfirmed at the level of commercial broiler flocks by better feed conversion and performances.

A state of the art broiler house, part of a modern poultry integration in Romania.

This is a practical example of how knowledge transfer and proven quality of U.S. Soy helped the nutritionists to develop tailored precision feeding chicken diets to meet birds’ specific needs in each stage of growth. The outcome is not only the results of high nutritional accuracy, but feed at the best available cost and price.
Everything seems to be easy now, but this is the result of constant efforts USSEC has taken in promoting U.S. Soy and educating the local industries. Transferring knowledge through world-renowned experts consulting over several years with Eastern European poultry and livestock’s fast growing industries, USSEC proved the commitment of U.S. soybean farmers to the European market and built a preference for U.S. Soy.

USSEC consultants Dr. Richard Miles and Dr. Gary Butcher often interacted with the Romanian poultry Industry over the past several years.