USSEC Works with Tunisian Poultry Industry

USSEC is working with Tunisia’s poultry industry and is demonstrating that commitment through attending local events and making site visits in that country.
USSEC Regional Director – Middle East North Africa (MENA) Brent Babb visited Tunisia from November 8 to 11 to attend the National and Maghreb Poultry Veterinarian Days organized by the Tunisian Poultry Veterinarian Association. Several veterinarians from Algeria and Morocco, representing their countries’ Poultry Veterinarian Associations, also attended this large event.
This scientific event also provided an occasion to provide three people with reward recognition for their contribution to the successful development of Tunisia’s poultry industry. Brent Babb was also presented with an award on behalf of USSEC for its contribution as one of the four gold sponsors of this event.
Mr. Babb gave a presentation on USSEC and on sustainable U.S. Soy production.

Brent Babb giving his presentation in JMA
Mr. Babb receiving USSEC Gold Sponsor award, from R. Karma, Vice President of SSTMVA

Last marketing year, Tunisian customers imported 215,000 metric tons (MT) of U.S. Soy.
This visit to Tunisia was a great opportunity to visit USSEC’s best customers. The first field visit was to Carthage Grain, the unique Tunisian soybean crushing plant.

Carthage Grains Crushing Plant visit (L to R: B. Babb, R. Karma, M. Affes & A. Ortis)
First 33,000 MT U.S. soybean shipment to Tunisia being unloaded in CG storage facility

The second field visit was to Green Label Oil (PGH Group), the largest extrusion plant in Tunisia with 24 extruders with a total capacity of 400 MT soybeans per day.

B. Babb at Nutrimix / GLO Extruder Plant
Extruder Plant visit (L to R: R. Karma, M. Hassan & B. Babb)

The extrusion plant is an important new tool and acquisition for the Poulina Group
Holding to satisfy its needs in full fat soybean meal, soybean oil, and express soybean meal.
The third field visit was to one of the largest slaughter and processing unit facilities in Africa: the El Mezrâa slaughter unit, which has a water treatment station as well as modern rendering lines and is a zero waste slaughter plant.

B. Babb with N. Sassi at El Mezraâ Poultry Processing Plant
View of the water treatment facility