USSEC Organizes Nutrition Workshops in Morocco

USSEC organized three one on one workshops in Casablanca, Morocco from December 4 – 6.
USSEC Consultant Craig Coon, professor of poultry nutrition at the University of Arkansas, facilitated the workshops with Moroccan feed industry operations.
At Alf Afriquia, the new feed plant of Jaber Group, Dr. Coon emphasized the extra nutritional value of U.S. soybean meal in commercial feed formulations for broilers and breeder diets. He showed the benefits of increased digestible amino acids and higher metabolizable energy supply on savings in broiler feed and production costs. He also recommended increasing the daily requirement of digestible amino acids for commercial layers attributed to the annual increase in egg mass production.
The one on one workshop held at Alf Sahel, the largest feed operation in North Africa, focused on full fat soybean meal quality. The consultant recommended testing the beans and the processed full fat for at least two parameters (Trypsin inhibitors, urease and Koh) to evaluate both the process and the end product.
At Alf al Mabrouk mill, Dr. Coon highlighted improved margins when using U.S. soybean meal in broiler feed sold at a wet market or as whole birds in processed market. Future feeding programs will rely on an increased concentration of quality dietary proteins along with synthetic amino acids to broilers going to market in a reduced amount of time. Modern broilers have the ability to deposit large amounts of body protein. He also emphasized that the continuing increase in commercial layers’ daily requirement of digestible amino acids is mostly attributed to the annual increase in egg mass occurring.
The USSEC consultant reemphasized the importance of U.S. Soy products as suppliers of high digestible amino acids contents. As operations are increasingly interested in getting the most from the ingredients they use, formulating digestible nutrient values of soybean meal by origin leads to better poultry nutrition. Improving knowledge on the nutrient supply of U.S. Soy products such as higher digestible lysine content with consistent quality, ultimately contributes to an increased preference for U.S. Soy.

Alf Afriquia, new feed plant of Jaber Group
Visit to Alf Afriquia, new feed mill
Meetings at Alf Sahel