USSEC Holds Feed Formulation Workshop for IPA in Egypt

USSEC hosted a workshop in Egypt on August 10 to introduce the principles of feed formulation and nutritional requirements for Intensive Aquaculture Production (IPA); the workshop also provided a venue for sharing the knowledge gained during the construction of the local IPA system.   A total of 35 participants attended the event, representing the country's top aquaculture feed mills and aqua producers.
Dr. Mohamed Fathy opened the workshop. In his opening speech, he applauded the efforts of USSEC in developing the Egyptian aqua industry and USSEC’s continuous support to the industry.
In the days following the seminar, the USSEC team conducted four one-on-one industry visits with aqua feed mills to provide the necessary support to aqua feed mills for adoption of high inclusion rates.
USSEC consultant Tim O’Keefe, keynote speaker, delivered a presentation on fish nutrition requirements and highlighted the importance of a well-formulated diet for fish reared in intensive production conditions, where the fish relies completely on formulated feed. He stressed the importance of digestible protein, amino acid profile, and vitamins when formulating diet for intensive rearing conditions.
During the seminar, Dr. Ahmed Nasralah delivered a presentation on the construction and management of the IPA unit at Worldfish. He also provided data regarding the performance of fish growth in the IPA system showing significant average daily gain rate over fish reared in traditional ponds.
Mohamed Gouda also delivered a presentation covering the different phases of constructing the IPA system on this farm and the lessons learned during the construction of the IPA unit. During his presentation, Mr. Gouda delivered data showing the cost of constructing the IPA as a reference for those participants interested in replicating the IPA and using as an effective method of fish farming.
Dr. Nasralah delivers a presentation on the construction and management of the IPA unit at Worldfish
Mr. Gouda responds to questions from the audience
Mr. Ali explains the correct construction of the WWU