U.S. Soybean Growers Attend USSEC’s 4th Regional Soybean Processing and Refining Conference

United Soybean Board (USB) chairman Lewis Bainbridge and American Soybean Association (ASA) director Matt Stutzman were part of a U.S. Soy delegation that met with customers at a conference in Jordan.
90 participants from major crushers and vegetable oil refineries in the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Russia participated in USSEC’s 4th Regional Soybean Processing and Refining Conference from September 14 to 17 in Amman, Jordan.
Much positive feedback on the conference was received.
Gordon Denny, Production, Marketing and Processing Consultant comment on the conference wrote, “I want to personally thank you for all the efforts put forth to plan and organize the Regional Processing and Refining Conference in Amman.  You successfully had the right agenda, the right people in the room and the right speakers presenting the material.  A conservative estimate would give the speakers well over 200 years of direct, hands on industry experience with a good combination of equipment sales / technical folks, former facility managers, commodity traders, leading international sales / marketing folks and other respected industry experts.   I’m sure the attendees learned technical and practical skills to take home and improve their processes.”
Anibal Demarco, Product Specialist - Global Technical Support, Desmet Ballestra, commented,”First of all I want to say thanks for the invitation to be part of the USSEC congress in Amman. 
This is my second time to participate in this Congress and I found it really fruitful for everybody. 
There was a lot of interaction not only during the presentations but also during the breaks and dinner. That makes two special days where everybody takes advantage of being together. 
In my case, as a speaker, I received many questions after of each of my presentations, but also people showed interest to stay in further contact. 
A lot of people coming from different countries, different cultures, different languages, and different experiences makes everything even more exciting. 
The hospitality and friendship of every one of your people is remarkable as it makes it all easier. Hopefully everybody has the same feeling 
Excellent organization!! Great job on your side!! Congratulations.”
Daniel Secondi, Director International Merchandising, Perdue Agribusiness, said,” Perdue, as a USSEC member, is very pleased to be part of the Regional Soybean Processing and Refining Conference in Jordan 2018. The conference was very well organized and the speakers and topics were outstanding. In addition, the level of the audience was very professional. In other words, thank you so much for this opportunity; please keep doing it.”
Brent German, Soy Processing Consultant, Blind Corner Solutions also provided positive feedback. “I appreciate the opportunity to meet and interact with the attendees and other presenters at the 4th Regional Soy Processing and Refining Conference. The increase in the number of attendees and the number of companies represented was outstanding.  Including the other geographies was a great decision to enhance the significance of the conference.  This was certainly a good platform for sharing current market information.  I was also surprised at the quality of the presentations from the vendors.  Several focused on their current technology, which they usually do not share at an open conference like this.  The participants were engaged and asked many questions during and after the sessions.  The conference is clearly meeting a need and providing a valuable source of information.  From the outside discussions, I gathered they are not getting this sort of support from other sources which makes this an important touch point for all who attended.  Thank you!”
Alex Danelich, Global Technical Manager – Protein Concentrates, Crown Iron Works, stated, “I enjoyed the conference and would recommend for Crown to participate in this again next year. I found the presentations to be of good quality and well presented. Conference included good diversity of topics and good participation of customers. Also, the conference was very well organized in all aspects (accommodations, transportation, kept on schedule, allowed for one-on-one discussions, etc.).”

USSEC Regional Director – EU/MENA Brent Babb speaks at the conference
Ali Abdi, Minister Counselor for Agricultural Affairs - United States Embassy - Cairo
(Left to right): Matt Stutzman, American Soybean Association (ASA) Director; Lewis Bainbridge, Chairman, United Soybean Board (USB); Jim Sutter, CEO, USSEC; and Daniel Secondi, Director - International Merchandising, Perdue Agribusiness, LLC
Participants at the conference
USB chairman Lewis Bainbridge speaks about the U.S. Soy Advantage
USSEC CEO Jim Sutter talks about the global soybean market
Daniel Secondi, Director International Merchandising, Perdue Agribusiness, LLC, gives a presentation
Group picture
Award attendance certificates
USSEC regional consultant – MENA Mousa Wakileh and Mr. Stutzman talk after the conference