U.S. Soy Grower Leaders Participate in USSEC 4th Regional Dairy Nutrition and Soybean Meal Transportation & Shipping Conference – MENA in Jordan

United Soybean Board (USB) Chairman John Motter and USB Director Jacob Parker participated in the USSEC 4th Regional Dairy Nutrition and Soybean Meal Transportation & Shipping Conference – Middle East / North Africa (MENA), held in Dead Sea, Jordan September 25 – 28.

USB chairman John Motter talks about sustainability
USB director Jacob Parker speaks to the conference attendees

Sixty participants from the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey participated in the conference. Participants included major dairy producers and feed millers in the region.
The program included sessions on Global Supply and Demand Update / U.S. Industry Perspective; Soybean Meal Market in Middle East Region; Transition Cows - Managing the Elite Athlete; Methods for Improving Efficiency of Protein Utilization in Dairy Cattle; Dairy Production & Quality Protein in the Ration;Total Mix Rations (TMR) Formulation for Dairy Cows - The Cost Effect of Bypass Soy to Dairy Diets; and Feeding the Heat Stressed Dairy Cow - Managing the TMR.
Joseph Gordhamer, CEO, Al Dahra ACX commented on the conference: “What a wonderful event! It was so good to see everyone at the USSEC 4th Regional Dairy Nutrition & Soybean Meal conference. Thank you to USSEC for organizing this great event. I am so pleased that Aldahra can be part of sharing best practices in dairy nutrition and management with the help of Dr. Delfino, Dr. Stern, and all the esteemed speakers at the conference. We consider these events critical to building a great future for the dairy industry as well as the communities we serve. We at Aldahra wish all of you success in your dairy operations and stand ready to assist in any way we can.”

Daniel Secondi, Director, International Merchandising of Perdue Agribusiness, stated, “I want to thank USSEC for inviting Perdue to this great conference in Jordan. The conference was very well organized and the attendance was very well selected, [consisting of] strong producers and key buyers from MENA countries. Regarding Perdue, these kinds of events are strategic to promote U.S. Soy products helping to develop a strong network in this area. Again, we really appreciate USSEC’s good work.”
Frank Delfino, Delfino Nutrition and Management Inc, said, “Thanks for the opportunity to return to Jordan. First day of conference had excellent presentations by Doctors Stern and Macgregor, generating quite a few questions about soy products and use in animal nutrition. The opening discussion from 'real' soybean farmers put a face on the product that I think the participants appreciated. Daniel Sceondi from Perdue Agribusiness gave all food for thought about buying soy. I thought the second day went well with our MENA partners staying quite engaged both during presentations and in the one-on-one meetings that lasted well into late afternoon and over the meals.”
Matt Ammermann, INTL FCStone Financial Inc., commented, “The 4th Regional Dairy Nutrition and Soybean Meal Transportation & Shipping Conference was attended by many in the MENA area. I had the privilege to speak about the fundamentals behind the Global Oilseed market and the price implications that can be felt by the market. Other speakers talked about the many benefits of the efficiencies that can be used when utilizing U.S. Soy products.  The participants showed extreme interest in the topics discussed, and USSEC did a great job representing the many benefits of U.S. Soy. The MENA region will continue to grow in its demand, and this conference does a fantastic job of expanding the presence of U.S. Soy for the U.S. farmer!”

Conference participants