U.S. Soy Farmers Participate in 6th Poultry Roundtable in Morocco

USSEC conducted the 6th Poultry Round Table for Maghreb’s feed industry in Skhirat, Morocco on April 2 and 3. The conference held, for the fifth time in Morocco, is part of USSEC’s FY19 promotion program in the Middle East / North Africa (MENA) region and provided an excellent forum to discuss current issues in poultry feeding in Maghreb.
Brent Babb, USSEC Regional Director – EU/MENA, highlighted the growth in U.S. soybeans and U.S. soybean meal exports to the Maghreb markets. Morocco is the largest U.S. soybean meal buyer in Maghreb.
On behalf of the Attaché for Morocco and Tunisia based at Rabat, Firdawcy M., Agricultural Specialist, highlighted the importance of soybeans exports to the region in his welcome.
American Soybean Association treasurer and Wisconsin farmer Brad Kremer and United Soybean Board director and Indiana farmer Tom Griffiths presented their farming operations to customers, providing information on the U.S. Soy Advantage such as innovation, exceptional composition, consistent supply, great infrastructure, and sustainability.
Dettmer S., vice president, INTL FCStone Financial, Inc., covered the supply of soybeans and other ingredient market trends.
Other presentations by USSEC’s visiting experts focused on the latest developments in nutrition and poultry feeding, emphasizing the importance of U.S. soybean products and their respective advantages.
The conference ended with a panel on soy business in the Maghreb region with speakers and representatives of the three feed and poultry industries in the region.
The discussions, knowledge-sharing sessions, and one-on-one interactions during the event helped improve further confidence and trust in the U.S. soy value chain and products in the sub region.