Tunisian Feed Technicians Attend U.S. Soy Differentiation Seminar

USSEC organized a U.S. soy products differentiation seminar in Tunisia on March 6.
USSEC consultants Gonzalo Matteos, nutritionist at Polytechnic University of Madrid, Taha Sassi, feed expert and nutritionist, and Taha Najjar, nutrition professor at the National Agriculture School (INAT), facilitated the seminar, which was attended by 46 participants from the feed and poultry Industry.
Nabil Maaouia, Agriculture Specialist at Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) Tunis, attended the event.

G. Matteos gives a presentation
(L to R): N Maaouia, T. Sassi & G. Matteos.

Professor Matteos emphasized U.S. soy products’ quality advantages compared to other origin products. He also gave other presentations on macro minerals, early chick nutrition, and feed form and particle size. M Sassi presented the near infrared (NIR) database use for optimal feed formulation.
Professor Najjar discussed the new Feed Manufacturing and Quality Control Training Center funded by the U.S. Grains Council. This center is dedicated to Tunisian feed manufacturing technicians and will be opened to technicians from seven other countries in the region.
An interactive debate followed the presentation, focusing on updated nutrition and better formulation with U.S. origin soybeans.