Sri Lankan Poultry Producers Embrace Sustainability with U.S. Soy Label 

Sri Lanka's poultry industry is making significant strides towards sustainability as 11 major producers have committed to use the 'Fed with Sustainable U.S. Soy' label on their packaging. The significant move was celebrated at licensing ceremonies hosted by USSEC in the past few months. This highlights the growing importance of transparency and ethical sourcing in the food industry and marks a major milestone for the region.  

Pioneering transparency 

Sri Lanka, a major consumer of U.S. soybean meal, is the first country in South Asia to adopt the label. In 2023, Sri Lanka imported $101 million of U.S. soybean meal, up 25% since 2022.1

New Anthony's, a renowned Sri Lankan producer, was the first company globally to embrace the 'Fed with Sustainable U.S. Soy' label, inspiring others to follow suit. Jaya Farms and Pussalla Meat Producers are among the new adopters. 

Jayan Jayawardana, Managing Director of Jaya Farm/JF Exports, said, " Our commitment to excellence extends to using sustainably sourced ingredients in the production of every item, showcasing our dedication to responsible practices. The inclusion of the 'Fed with Sustainable U.S. Soy' label not only aligns with our values but also solidifies our position in the market as a forward-thinking producer dedicated to sustainability. " 

Dilshan Wewita, Managing Director of Pussalla Meat Producers Pvt. Ltd., also highlighted the value that he sees with the label adoption. He added “All our offerings are crafted using sustainably grown ingredients, reinforcing our commitment to delivering superior products to our customers. The incorporation of the 'Fed with Sustainable U.S. Soy’ label further strengthens our position in the Sri Lankan market, highlighting our innovation and dedication to sustainability.” 

Meeting Consumer Demands 

Consumers are increasingly seeking information about the source of their food and making conscious choices based on ethical and sustainable practices. The 'Fed with Sustainable U.S. Soy' label allows brands to differentiate themselves in a competitive market by demonstrating their commitment to transparency and sustainability throughout the supply chain. 

"In today's marketplace, younger generations are increasingly seeking alignment between their values and the brands they support. The introduction of the 'Fed Sustainable U.S. Soy' label underscores our dedication to providing sustainable, resilient, and environmentally conscious food solutions to nourish our planet," said Deeba Giannoulis, Regional Head of U.S. Soy Sustainability and Marketing at USSEC. 

Shared Vision for a Sustainable Future 

Sri Lanka's lead in adopting the label reflects their shared vision for a sustainable future with U.S. Soy. U.S. Soy boasts the lowest carbon footprint compared to soy from other sources, further solidifying this shared commitment. 

“Together, we are contributing to a greener and more sustainable future,” added Stan Born, past Chairman at USSEC. “We are giving consumers the opportunity to choose a sustainably sourced protein– something consumers in Sri Lanka and around the world are increasingly asking for. The visionary approach and unwavering commitment to integrating environmentally friendly practices set these Sri Lankan producers apart not only in Sri Lanka but also within the region.” 

To qualify for the label, producers must verify that 60% of their soy imports are from the U.S. using the U.S. Soybean Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP). The SSAP is a trusted third-party verification that describes the regulations, processes and management practices that ensure sustainable soy production. 

Athula Mahagamage, Country Team Lead - Sri Lanka, USSEC, spearheading the label adoption initiative in Sri Lanka added, “We are thrilled to see Sri Lanka taking a leading role in adopting sustainable measures to tackle climate change, which has a significant impact on food and nutrition security. U.S. Soy is a dependable source that consistently provides sustainable solutions to the people of Sri Lanka. Our customers appreciate the inherent value that the 'Fed with Sustainable U.S. Soy' label brings to their operations. Embracing sustainability not only benefits the environment but also paves the way for long-term economic growth.”  

As Sri Lanka marches on the path towards sustainability, more producers and feed millers are expected to join the initiative, signifying a collective commitment to a sustainable future for the food industry. 

This article is partially funded by U.S. Soy farmers, their checkoff, and the soy value chain.  

Stan Born, USSEC Past Chairman, and Jim Sutter, USSEC CEO, sign the licensing agreements for the adoption of the 'Fed with Sustainable U.S. Soy’ label in Dubai, UAE  
USSEC team with Jaya Farms at the ‘Fed with Sustainable U.S. Soy’ licensing agreement ceremony in Dubai, UAE
USSEC team with Pussalla Meat Producers Pvt. Ltd at the ‘Fed with Sustainable U.S. Soy’ licensing agreement ceremony in Dubai, UAE

  1. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS)  ↩︎