Poultry and Feed Customers Participate in PAMED 2018 in Tunisia

USSEC participated in the PAMED “Mediterranean Exhibition of Animal Production, Livestock and Agricultural Equipment” May 8 to 11. PAMED is the major professional event for the Tunisia’s poultry and feed industries. As many as 100 companies and institutions related to these industries participated with a booth. In particular, many Algerian and Libyan professionals took part in the 15th edition of PAMED.
USSEC sponsored the event and also displayed a booth. Dr. Riadh Karma, USSEC’s local technical and commercial consultant, was present. USSEC consultants Dr. Gonzalo Matteos and Dr. Craig Coon had the opportunity to meet with several U.S. Soy customers from the poultry and feed industries during the show.
The USSEC team visited with most of U.S. Soy’s major customers (SNA, ALFA/MEDIMIX, NUTRICAP, PROVITAL, EL MACHIA) either at the USSEC booth or at their respective booths and discussed their new products, the poultry industry, and the market situation. This show provided a great opportunity to have visitors and customers learn more about USSEC, U.S. soybean products’ quality, and U.S. Soy’s sustainable production.
In tandem with this show, USSEC also organized a very successful poultry nutrition seminar on May 9, managed by Dr. Matteos, Dr. Craig Coon, Dr. Néjib Mathlouthi and Francis Clément.

Dr. Coon and Dr. Karma meet with R. Patzelt & A. Amri (Novus)
R. Karma with GLO staff (M. Khiari & M. Hassen) at USSEC booth
R.H. Taieb and M.S. Bouthour ( US Grains Council) at USSEC booth
Dr. Coon teaching SNA nutritionists Y. Beltaifa & J. Rebai, at USSEC booth