Morocco’s Growing Dairy Sector Values USSEC’s Technical Assistance

USSEC recently conducted a series of one-on-one workshops for dairy operations and feed producers in Morocco.
USSEC consultant Dr. Frank Delfino, expert in management, nutrition, and feeding visited the largest dairy company, cooperative, feed mill, and other feed plants and operations during “One on One Workshops: An Opportunity to Learn More About Herd Feeding and Dairy Nutrition.”
Dr. Delfino emphasized the importance of management, cow comfort and heat stress, ingredient and forage quality, and value-added bypass protein sources such as U.S. hipro soybean meal to both dairy and feed market segments. The operations visited had the opportunity for in-depth discussions on nutrition, feeding systems for lactating and dry cows, forage production and utilization with an emphasis on the importance of the efficient use of U.S. soybean meal in dairy diets.
The Moroccan dairy sector is composed of large regional dairy producers, cooperatives, and several smaller dairy coops with a total of 1.2 million cows. With the most important and dynamic dairy market in the Maghreb region, Morocco imports all components of the U.S. Soy complex (beans, meal, hulls, and oil). After poultry, dairy constitutes a key driver of soybean meal demand in the Moroccan market, which is the largest importer of U.S. soybean meal in the region.
Dairy producers and farm owners are, as a result of the technical workshops, more informed of the importance of a good feeding and nutrition program to achieve higher performance through the use of high quality ingredients such as U.S. soybean meal. Soy product usage is increasing in dairy feed sustained by a higher understanding of their nutritional supply in concentrates, as nitrogen correctors, and as part of total mixed rations (TMR). Acquiring high quality ingredients in adequately balanced feed and a good forage program allows optimization of dairy performance.
The Feed Manufacturers Association (AFAC) sees an opportunity to further develop the ruminant compound feed market in the dairy and overall ruminant feed sectors in Morocco, which grew tenfold in the last two decades, reaching one million tons in 2017.
Per capita consumption of dairy products is projected to reach about 140 kg by 2020. The development of modern dairy operations and the consolidation of smaller units are seen as a projected mean to double dairy production by 2020.
USSEC programs continue to better position U.S. Soy products in ruminant feed. Workshops conducted at key partners’ operations help develop business opportunities, ultimately resulting in an increased demand for U.S. soybean products, particularly in high production dairy herds.

Visit to Kholt dairy farm near Mazzaria
Soybean meal storage at Lait plus /Danone
Sofalim visit during U.S. soybean meal delivery
Mazzaria visit
Aksam ruminant feed company
Visit to Ait Ouahi dairy farm
Meeting at Alf Sahel