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Moroccan Team Attends USSEC’s 3rd Regional Dairy Nutrition & Soy Hulls Conference in Jordan

A team of key customers from the Moroccan dairy and feed industry attended USSEC’s 3rd Regional Dairy Nutrition & Soy Hulls Conference held in Dead Sea, Jordan April 8 - 10.
The team, which was composed of the largest dairy cooperative and feed mill representatives and sales staffs of ruminant feed and milk producers, appreciated its participation in the conference, which gave the members an opportunity to learn more about herd feeding and dairy nutrition management.
The Moroccan dairy sector is composed of large regional dairy producer cooperatives and several smaller dairy coops with a total of 1.2 million cows producing 1,400 million liters of milk per year. Per capita consumption of dairy products was 42 kilograms (kg) five years ago and is projected to reach about 140 kg by 2020. The “Green Morocco Plan” sees the development of modern dairies and the consolidation of smaller units as a projected means to double dairy production by 2020. Most large beef and dairy operations are gradually moving toward integration.
The feed millers association (AFAC) has identified an opportunity in the dairy and ruminant feed for developing the ruminant compound feed market in Morocco. Ruminant compound feed production grew fivefold in the last ten years reaching one million tons in 2016 with a growing use of compound feed by the dairy sector.
Soy product (soybeans, soy hulls, soy oil, bypass proteins, etc.) usage is increasing in dairy feed sustained by a higher understanding of their nutritional supply in concentrates, as nitrogen correctors, and as part of total mix rations (TMR).
USSEC programs continue to better position U.S. Soy products in a growing ruminants feed market. Attendance of key partners to trade and technical conferences contributes to develop new business relationships with prospects for U.S. soybean products.

(Left to right) Amsaguine K., marketing director of Sofalim; Larossi-Akhrife D., head of ruminant department at Alf Sahel; Nacir O., dairy and beef producer; Moufid Y, ruminant feed sales representatives at Alf Al Mabrouk; Elmorsy M., project manager at strategy department at Copag; Zaazaa S.; sales manager at Alf Sahel; Benabdeljelil K.,USSEC consultant