Moroccan Soybean Oil Processors Welcome USSEC’s In-House Workshops

USSEC recently provided technical assistance to two of the leading soybean oil processors in the Maghreb, the northwest part of Africa, which generally includes the countries of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.
USSEC consultant Brent German of Blind Corner Solutions visited two oil processors in the Casablanca area on July 9 and 10, escorted by local USSEC consultant Benabdeljelil K.
Mr. German addressed the customers’ refining issues, highlighting the optimization parameters of the refining process to produce high quality soybean oil.
The advantages of crude U.S. soybean oil such as lower refining losses, insured quality, and logistics, which contribute to a higher quality product, were emphasized to the leading vegetable oils processors in North Africa. During the discussions, low quality, refining difficulties, and specific issues of other origin soybean oils imported were raised by the users.
USSEC’s technical assistance leads to further advances in refining processes and soybean oil quality by reducing losses and improving yields, which ultimately results in downstream end users’ customers’ satisfaction.
Maghreb remains the largest consumer of soybean oil within the Middle East -North Africa (MENA) region, where it is the predominant vegetable oil.

Workshop at Lesieur Cristal