Moroccan Soybean Meal Customers attend Dawajine Poultry Show

As part of its program of activities in Morocco, USSEC provided support to the Federation of Poultry Associations (FISA) for the 21th edition of the Dawajine Poultry Show held in Casablanca from December 4 to 6. The objective was to highlight the U.S. as a major supplier of high-quality soybeans and soybean products.

The largest poultry show in the region continues to gain in national, regional, and international importance. Focusing this year on “African Food Security,” the forum drew numerous professional visitors from African markets and 480 exhibitors from 25 countries.
The Morocco market, the leading U.S. soybean meal import market in North Africa and in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region had the second largest increase in U.S. soybean meal imports last year. Over half a million tons were imported, higher than the last five years’ average, boosting U.S. market share to over 80 percent.
Poultry continues to be the main market driver as consumption reached 19.7 kilograms of poultry meat and 180 eggs per person, showing respective increases of 13 percent and up 29 percent compared to the previous year’s levels. Moroccan poultry and feed producers prefer U.S. soybean meal due to its consistent quality and reliable supply.
USSEC continues to promote the intrinsic advantages of all U.S. soybean products, to differentiate them from those of other origins and build customer preference through assistance to the development of poultry production, livestock, and feed industries thus expanding demand.