Moroccan Customers Attend Full Fat Soybean Meal Workshops

USSEC recently held full fat soybean meal one-on-one workshops at select Moroccan feed mills wishing to produce full fat soybeans.
USSEC consultant and director of Texas A & M University’s Food Protein R&D Center Mian Riaz presented the extrusion process of soybeans. Meetings with U.S. soybean customers helped to improve their technical knowledge about soybean extrusion, equipment, processing parameters, plant operation, and quality control. Production of FFS is a way of market diversification in Morocco, which imports U.S. soybeans, soy hulls, soybean oil and meal.
Consultants highlighted the need for high quality beans to produce quality FFS. Inclusion rates in different feeds average 5 to 7 percent, demonstrating great potential for more bean imports.
USSEC continues to assist the developments of customers’ activities and to expand the market. Moroccan customers’ trust and confidence of the USSEC organization helps sustain demand for U.S. soybeans.