Moroccan Aquaculture Professionals Attend USSEC’s 5th MENA Regional Aquaculture Production Conference

Six Moroccan professionals attended USSEC’s 5st Regional Aquaculture Production Conference – Middle East North Africa (MENA). Moroccan Agency for the Development of Aquaculture (ANDA) representatives, three fish producers, and a feed miller participated in the event held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on July 20 and 21.
Attendance to technical conferences held within the region contributes to market build up of aquaculture projects; the ultimate objective been to increase knowledge on the use of soybean products in different fish feeds when kept in various systems such as the In Pond Raceway System (IPRS).
In their presentation, the ANDA representatives highlighted the great potential and opportunities offered by Morocco’s aquaculture sector, as several projects are emerging on both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean coasts.
The discussions held with different aquaculture professionals helped increase technical knowledge of fish feed production and the advantages of U.S. soy products compared to other origins.
USSEC’s efforts contribute to market expansion through diversification. The organization helps sustain demand for U.S. soybeans on sound grounds in aquaculture such as high quality feeding based on soy products, and increase aquaculture productivity, raising yields and returns.