MENA Fish Farmers Attending USSEC’s 4th Water Quality Management for Aquaculture Training Program in Egypt

USSEC / Soy Excellence Center and WorldFish is hosting the 4th USSEC Water Quality Management for Aquaculture Training Program, which is taking place at WorldFish Center in Egypt from February 7 - 12. This event marks the fourth training since the series started in September 2019.
45 fish farmers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Algeria are attending and listening to presentations on aquaculture topics including: A Primer on the Elements of Water Chemistry in Fish Culture; Aeration in Fish Ponds; Equipment and Operation; Calculation of Required Aerators for a Fish Pond; Aquaculture Machinery (Pumps, Filters, Grader, Protein Skimmer, Automatic Harvesting, etc.); Role in Management in Fish Ponds and Field; Interactions of Aquaculture Water Quality Parameters and Management Practices; Biological Characteristics of Water Quality; Dynamics of In Pond Raceway System (IPRS) and Recirculation Water Quality; Ammonia in Fish Ponds – Impact and Management; Water Quality Management & Precision Fish Farming; Aquaculture Effluents Monitoring and Management; Enhancing Water Productivity in Fish Ponds; and Water Quality Effects on Fish Health. A full practical and assumptions day at WorldFish Aqua Farm in Abbasa provides an additional opportunity to train the participants in best management practices.
“The U.S. Soy Excellence Center in conjunction with WorldFish has just began a weeklong training program on Water Quality Management in Aquaculture,” states Harrison Karisa, Worldfish Country Director – Egypt and Nigeria. “The training being conducted at the WorldFish Fish for Africa Innovation Hub has attracted ed participants from Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia. The participants will go through class and lab-based studies including a field trip.”
Seasoned trainers led by Philip ‘Skip’ Skemp from the United States are presenting the lectures. Dr. Karisa explains, “WorldFish hopes to use the Fish4Africa Innovation Hub as a place where researchers, industry players, universities, and policy makers will come together to offer training and capacity building support for stakeholders in Africa and the Middle East.”
USSEC consultant Mousa Wakileh appreciates the collaboration, saying that USSEC is committed to ensuring that participants have an all-round experience in aquaculture practices and therefore is organizing many different courses. It is expected that participants will not only learn from teachers ,but also benefit from interactions with each other.

Group photo