Chinese Swine End Users Participate in Swine Study Team

The 2018 China Swine Study Team visited the U.S. from June 4 to 17. 17 participants from soybean end users of swine integrators, feed mills, and swine farms learned about the advantage of U.S. Soy products, swine management, nutrition, environment control, and animal health at Illinois State University, Nebraska State University, and South Dakota State University.
During the training course, the team also visited soybean/crop farms, the World Pork Expo, and university pig farms. The trip provided them with advanced knowledge of the U.S. agriculture and swine industry, and the Chinese visitors were impressed by the advanced production system. Mr. Li Guoyong, Farm Manager of Shenyang Wellhope Agri-tech Co., Ltd. said regarding the farm difference, it takes at least 20 years for China to catch up with the U.S. farm level.
Dr. Richard Han, USSEC Animal Utilization director; Dr. M.Y. Huang, USSEC consultant; and Ms. Sunny Zhang, USSEC Animal Utilization Program Manager, escorted the team.

Dr. Richard Han served as an interpretor at the World Pork Expo.
Joel Schreurs, American Soybean Association (ASA) director from Minnesota introduces his farm to team members.
South Dakota Soybean Association director Marc Reiner shows soybeans growing at his farm.
2018 swine team group picture at the U.S. farmer-sponsored South Dakota State University (SDSU) training center.