Aquaculture and Feed Industry Key Participants Attend USSEC’s Extrusion Processing Virtual Conference

The 1st USSEC Extrusion Processing Virtual Conference for Aquaculture & Feed Industries 2020 was organized by USSEC on July 7. The virtual event, held in two sessions for key participants, provided updated operational information on extrusion processing, full fat soybean production and aquaculture fish feed processing, products, quality, and uses for both industries for the first time.
Brent Babb, USSEC Regional Director – Europe and Middle East/North Africa (MENA) highlighted the importance of MENA markets as regular buyers of U.S. Soy in his opening remarks. He thanked U.S. soy producers and supply infrastructure for their continuous efforts in these unprecedented times and updated participants on the U.S. soybean growing season.
Morocco, the largest U.S. soybean meal importer in the EU/MENA region continues to see significant growth rate in poultry meat, table eggs, and feed production, respectively estimated at 9.6%, 5.2%, and 8.8 % in 2019 as compared to the previous year.
USSEC consultant Mian N. Riaz from Texas A&M University presented overall principles, high fat feed, and the extrusion process in fish feed. He was very pleased to interact with soybean users in Morocco’s feed industry and aquaculture professionals to discuss the latest research findings and processing technology related to soybeans. Once the benefits of using properly processed soybeans are learned, a greater use of U.S. soybeans in poultry and aquafeed formulation is expected.
USSEC consultant Dave Albin, Vice President of Nutrition & Extrusion Technologies at Insta-Pro International gave three presentations, focusing on soybean processing into full fat soybean meal, extruded products quality and supply of digestible nutrients, and using dry extruded whole soybeans (“extruded full-fat”) in formulations. Albin called the conference highly effective, saying that it highlighted access to a dependable, quality source of raw soybeans (like those from the U.S.) is a critical component for supporting aquaculture and livestock feed industries. Soy is the king of the oilseeds in terms of nutrient composition, and having a high-quality, consistent process for making superior soybean meals is a must.
The virtual conference discussed the entire process – from sourcing quality beans, choosing the right processing equipment and parameters, and finally, using the soy meals in formulations to promote growth and efficiency – all of which are needed to have a continuous supply of nutritious animal food products
Both experts highlighted the need to use high quality soybeans such as U.S. beans to launch and produce full fat soybean and feed in market. Participants also learned more about inclusion rates of FFS into various poultry and ruminants feed. The current situation of dynamic market conditions stresses the search of optimization of all feed inputs to improve returns for improved production output, quality, and efficiency.
Through continued targeted activities and programs, USSEC is continuing its efforts in market diversification with growing interest in extrusion process to help poultry and feed producers appreciate the value of high-quality feed ingredients.