Algerian Poultry, Feed Professionals Connect with U.S. Soy at SIPSA 2019

USSEC participated for the first time at the SIPSA International Exhibition for Agriculture, Animal Production, Livestock and Agricultural Equipment from October 7 to 10 in Algiers, Algeria. SIPSA is the major professional event for Algeria’s poultry and feed industries, and around 580 booths represented local and foreign companies and institutions related to these industries. Many Algerian professionals particularly followed this 19th edition of SIPSA. The show was inaugurated and visited by Cherif Omari, the Algerian Minister of Agriculture. John P. Desrocher, the U.S. Ambassador in Algiers, also visited the show.
USSEC shared a booth with U.S. Grains Council (USGC). Dr. Riadh Karma, USSEC’S local technical and commercial representative in Tunisia and Algeria, was present at this event, along with Mohamed Salah Bouthour and Malek Djebaili from USGC. Dr. Karma had a discussion with Ambassador Desrocher on USSEC’s participation.

John P. Desrocher, U.S. Ambassador in Algiers, visits USSEC’s booth
Meeting with A. Khouas & Asma Tafat (respectively SIM SPA and SIM Sanders)
Meeting with M K Lounis (LOUNI Grain) and Malek Djebaili (USGC)
(L to R) R. Karma, M. Iacono (Am Spec), N.Fakhfakh (Diam Grain)

USSEC representatives met with many USSEC customers (SIM SPA, NUTRI ALIMENTSPLUS, WASSIM AGROVET, Louni Grain, El Kseur, Diam Grain, COFEED, NUTRISTAR, EURL Khider, HUBBARD ALGERIA, BENNACEUR, and SIFAB) either at the USSEC booth or in their respective booths, joining in interesting discussions on their respective companies as well as on the feed/poultry market situation. This show was a unique opportunity for Dr. Karma to meet with many professionals (crushers, importers, feed mills and poultry integrators) in a short period of time and to brief everyone on USSEC’s role and activities, as well as on the benefits of being a partner to USSEC. Visitors received information on U.S. soybean product quality and sustainable production.

R. Karma with Nabil Fergani at COFEED Booth
(L to R) M Djebaili, K. Beguiret, S. Arfaoui,R. Karma and M.S. Bouthour at USSEC booth

Dr. Karma, invited by the National Poultry Association of Algeria, attended part of the veterinarian forum related to antibiotic resistance in the poultry industry.