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USSEC Sponsors Dairy Seminar in the Netherlands for Turkish Dairy Farmers and Feed Millers

USSEC sponsored a three-day dairy nutrition and dairy farm management seminar for Turkish dairy farmers and dairy feed producers April 11-13 at the Schothorst Feed Research Center (SFR) in Lelystad and Bergharen, Netherlands, with the goal to emphasize U.S. soybean meal quality in relation to its impact on dairy nutrition. 17 key dairy Turkish farmers and feed millers who are USSEC customers participated in this event.

The Netherlands is a leading country in dairy farming, and SFR is a leading research centers and is well accepted by the dairy industry. Dr. Rolf Speelman - BDM, Ivonne Kok -MSC and Ant Koopmans - DVM from SFR gave a presentation during the training about the latest developments in dairy feed evaluation systems; forage quality; nutritional strategies to improve health, fertility, milk composition, and quality; calf feeding; and the importance of soybean meal and soy products in dairy feeding. On the last day of the short course, the group visited the VetVice & Cow Signals Company for training by Dr. Joep Driessen - DVM of VetVice about cow signals and how to manage these signals for sustainable and profitable dairy farming.

The first short dairy course at Schothorst was very successful. Dr. Speelman focused on the importance of soybean meal and soy products in dairy farming and U.S. soybean meal quality and its effect on dairy nutrition and sustainable and profitable dairy farming.

All of the participants agreed that the event provided an excellent opportunity to update and gain new knowledge about dairy nutrition. Attendees also expressed their preference for U.S. soybean meal versus meals of other origins.