USSEC Supports the Annual Conference of the Romanian Feed Manufacturers Association

The Romanian Feed Manufacturers Association (ANFNC) held its fourth annual conference, with a great U.S. presence, on June 15th and 16th.  The event targeted feed manufacturing companies owners, nutritionists, traders, senior level technologists, plant managers, regulators and official authorities.  A total of 75 industry delegates participated in these events. Participation and interest were high, clearly reflecting the personal commitment of the organizers and participants.

Conference participants pictured during the second day of the event in Bucharest, Romania
Field visit facilitated interaction of USSEC team with the local industry delegates
Mrs. Tatiana Stefanescu of DSM Romania and Vice President of the ANFNC welcomes participants at Premix Plant in Stefanesti, Ilfov, Romania

A USSEC team of consultants attended the event in Bucharest, Romania: Mr. Gunnar LYNUM of Ohio Soybean Association, Dr. Mian RIAZ - Texas A&M University, Dr. Jan van EYS – USSEC France and Dr. Iani Chihaia, the local consultant with the main goal to increase awareness of U.S. soy among the conference delegates.
For the first day of the event, participants were invited for a field day at the premix producer, DSM Romania.  The USSEC consultants gave their own presentation offering a wide subject of issues: U.S. soy quality, containerization, fermented soy and extruded feeds technology. This format worked well and led to a good exchange with attendees. In addition, all attendees and presenters had the opportunity to visit the premix plant. These meetings offered a great opportunity to interact with all the key decision makers in the Romanian feed industry.

As for the conference day, the USSEC delegation delivered a very strong message on U.S. soy quality and commitment of U.S. soy farmers to support the growing Romanian feed industry.  Notably, Dr. van Eys’s presentation was very well received and centered on differences in soy quality (general and by origin), quality parameters, and impact on animal performance. A section on second generation soy products emphasizing fermented soybean meal was added.
Dr. Riaz introduced extrusion as a processing tool for feed industry and Feed Safety and Extrusion technology. Participants were interested in extrusion topics and some of them asked me questions after the conference.

Mr. Gunnar Lynum gave his talk on “Advantages of US Soybeans: Quality and Logistics” and explained to the participants how they can purchase U.S. quality soybeans directly from U.S. soybean farmers
Dr. Mian Riaz of Texas A&M talks about extrusion as a tool for the value added feeds

The event was attended by over 90% of the Romanian soy customers: decision makers (owners and general managers) and technician (nutritionists and purchasing managers).This is the key event in the country related to feed industry and animal nutrition and is an opportunity to meet the Romanian feed compounders and meat producers.
The activity allowed us to inform local customers on how U.S. farmers contribute to global food supply and efficiently demonstrate to the local industry the superior characteristics of U.S. soybean and soybean meal:  quality, reliable and sustainable supply.
Delegate’s participation and interest at the ANFNC Conference were high, clearly reflecting the personal commitment of the organizers and participants. USSEC was well represented and definitely recognized as a positive, major supporter of the feed industry in this rapidly developing market.
USSEC’s sponsorship and participation in the annual meeting of the Romanian Feed Association was clearly appreciated – from the participants and association members. This role and its presence stressed the importance of soy in livestock feeding. A continued effort along these same lines is highly recommended.
Romania is a growing market with a major short-term potential for growth; both in livestock and feed production and thus use of soybean meal.  USSEC’s continuous commitment and support will result in increased sale of U.S. soybeans to Romania. As a result of these continuing efforts and customers support, in April-May of 2017 the Romanian feed industry committed to purchase 12,000 MT - 15,000 MT soybean meal imported by Bunge Romania for an estimated value of U.S $8 million. This is the second sizable shipment of U.S. products following the first breakthrough purchase of U.S. soybean meal in early 2016.