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USSEC Conducts Risk Management Training in Morocco

USSEC recently conducted a full day training session focusing on one-on-one risk management to the Alf Sahel Company at their headquarters in Had Soualem near Casablanca, Morocco.
Representatives from the company’s finance, purchasing and manufacturing departments participated in the training, which was jointly conceived by USSEC and Trilateral, Inc.
The means to handle the volatility of the U.S. dollar and alternate ways to purchase raw materials were among the issues covered by Trilateral CEO Robert Bresnahan. The Moroccan dirham is closely linked to the euro and the strength of the U.S. dollar has increased the cost of feedstock. Mr. Bresnahan explained how to utilize the tools currently available to hedge risk through futures and options.
Further risk management developments aiming to improve procurements strategies are expected to be conducted at Alf Sahel, which is one of the largest compound feed producers in North Africa.
The company thanked USSEC for assisting in purchases that should improve its overall process efficiency, resulting in financial gain.