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USSEC Conducts Dairy Nutrition Seminar in Turkey

USSEC conducted a dairy nutrition seminar focused on the use of soy in transition and production diets in Izmir, Turkey on February 11 and 12. About 70 key decision-making nutritionists, farmers and feed manufacturers attended the seminar, which provided information on the choice of feeds and ingredients used in feed production.
The use of U.S. Soy in this region by feed compounders and farmers is important and constitutes a confirmation on the effectiveness of this approach – especially against alternatives. The main objective of the meeting was the marketing of U.S. Soy and soy products and the enhancement of USSEC’ s image in this part of the world. Thus, the program covered a wide array of subjects, each with the potential to link it to the use of soy products in diets/ration. The clear objective of all the talks, presentations and interactions with the attendees was to promote USSEC and U.S. Soy products in terms of real advantages as well as the image. The presentations at the seminar led to a favorable introduction, background, communication and exchange on or around soy issues.
All this was resumed in practical points worked out during the last session with formulation examples to address the specific subjects highlighted. In this session, attention was also paid to quality control parameters and the impact or importance of these in formulation, along with generating savings under current formulation and market conditions.
Overall, the response of attendees was positive and the multiple questions posed reflected the high level of interest. The discussion during breaks as well as following the Q&A sessions were lively and constructive. These participants have been attending USSEC seminars for a significant number of years and some have started dairy operations on the basis – or with the assistance – of USSEC.
Continued effort in this area will increase and safeguard demand for U.S. Soy.