Northeast European Customers Take Part in USSEC’s Value Added and Fermented Soy Conference in Greece

Athens, Greece, was chosen by USSEC’s European staff for a regional event that updated U.S. Soy customers from many countries on the nutritional value, quality assurance systems, and the application of second generation of soy feed ingredients.
As speakers covering the soy processing and livestock utilization areas, USSEC invited both distinguished scientists and commercial experts. Dr. Hans Stein, Professor of Animal Science University of Illinois; Dr. Julian Wiseman, Professor of Animal Production, Division of Animal Science University of Nottingham, UK; and Dr. Maria Domoroschenkova, Department of Food Protein & Biotechnology, Research Institute of Fats, St. Petersburg, Russia, represented the scientific side.
Dr. Jan van Eys, GANS, France, and Mr. Rene Schepens, Fermentation Experts, Denmark, provided a more commercial approach to the first half of the conference.
A second part of the event was devoted to the application of aqua species. Dr. Sadasivam Kaushik, European Research Area Chair EcoAqua – ULPGC, Las Palmas Aquitaine, France, and Dr. Yannis Kotzamanis, HCMR, Athens, shared information on the usage of specialty soy products, including fermented soy, in aqua nutrition, especially sea bass and sea bream.
USSEC Director – Animal Focus and Meal Pam Helmsing introduced the participants to the latest findings on the superior quality characteristics of U.S. Soy ingredients.
Among the audience was a group of livestock feed professionals from the northeastern Europe sub-region, accompanied by Jerzy W. Kosieradzki, USSEC Technical Director in that market. Polish, Hungarian and Czech customers tremendously enjoyed the two-day training and stressed that the combination of cutting edge scientific knowledge and commercial application input with a lot of chances for the participants and speakers and USSEC staff worked very well for them.

(L to R): Dr. Jan van Eys, Dr. Hans Stein, and Mr. Rene Schepens were main speakers on fermented soy in livestock nutrition – here they are working out an answer to a smart question from a participant.
Pam Helmsing’s presentation on U.S. Soy feeding value was the foundation and a good start to the event.
The international audience of customers had special appreciation for the Q&A sessions – here, Dr. Stein as a speaker and a participant and a moderator engrossed in a discussion.
Dr. Stein was very busy answering questions and providing additional comments to the discussions.
Dr. Maria Domoroschenkova was not only a great speaker about soy concentrates and isolates, but also brought a group of Russian customers, one of whom is seated next to her.
Dr. Iani Chihaia (Bucharest) and Ms. Sule Basa (Istanbul) were two of the main organizers of the successful training event held in the Greek capital.
Most of the information presented during the event was received by the participants as very important and useful, while for some – like the Greek customer here – it was even striking!
Petr Tomanek of DeHeus feed company (left) represented the Czech feed industry and was a member of Northeast European team.
Boglarka Horvath, who works for UBM Feed in Hungary, represented the youngest generation of professionals on the Northeast European team.
Sylwester Filipek, a swine nutritionist of Wipasz feed company, who represents two decades of tremendous success of Polish livestock and feed production, was part of the Northeast Europe team.
Professor Iwona Kosieradzka of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences-SGGW, Poland.