Moroccan Soybean Trade Team Learns About U.S. Soy Value Chain during U.S. Visit

A Moroccan soybean trade team visited Norfolk, Virginia and New Orleans, Louisiana from March 9 to 15. The visiting team, composed of soybean meal and soy oil users, met with U.S. suppliers and allied industries to learn more about the strength, reliability, and sustainability of the U.S. soybean value chain from fields to shipping, along with the quality advantages of U.S. soy products.
Team members visited loading, container filling, and barges and vessels shipping facilities, along with storage areas where they discussed logistics in the U.S., the transport system, and entire export process.
Marketing representatives from Perdue discussed their activities in the U.S. soybean sector and the advantages of shipping and delivering through the port of Norfolk, with the wide flexibility offered at their location. The Moroccan team was impressed during a farm visit by the level of knowledge and technical expertise of U.S. soybean producers, who are keen to deliver the highest quality products. Visits to laboratories covered specific interests expressed by the customers. Explanations were provided on the technical aspects of surveying procedures, sampling, analytical methods, equipment, and logistics handling.
Interacting with USSEC’s member companies and discussing supply issues of soybean products allowed the customers to learn more about the U.S. soybean value chain, its strength and sustainability, and the advantages of sourcing soybean meal from the U.S., which offers an opportunity to continue to build a preference for U.S. Soy.
Improving knowledge of the U.S. soybean value chain and highlighting the advantages of U.S. soybean meal were the targets of the team visits, in addition to meeting soy suppliers and allied industries to ultimately build opportunities for U.S. soybean products’ trade.