Japanese Crushers and Importers Participate in Annual Japan-U.S. Roundtable

On August 27, USSEC and American Soybean Association (ASA) director Kevin Scott, along with USB chairman Keith Tapp, USB vice chairman Jim Carroll, and ASA president Davie Stephens participated in the annual Japan-U.S. Partnership Program Roundtable, which this year took place in St. Louis.
At the annual event, the U.S. soy delegation exchanges information with the Japanese crushing and importing industry regarding issues impacting the profitability of their respective industries. The U.S. soy industry has a 62-year partnership with Japan and is strongly dedicated to investing in programs and activities in that country.
During the discussions with the Japanese delegation, several positive comments were made about U.S. Soy and the possibility of building a stronger partnership with this international market for the future. Some key comments made by the Japan delegation:

  • The Japanese are a very stable user of U.S. Soy and they look forward to continuing this long-term relationship.
  • Japanese manufacturers favor U.S. Soy because it is a safe and sustainable option.
  • The country values the U.S. as an optimal agricultural supplier and this relationship is important for meeting future demand.
ASA president Davie Stephens and USB chairman Keith Tapp attend U.S.-Japan Partnership Day in St. Louis