Southeast Asia

USSEC Asia Soy Excellence Center – Food Protein: Soy Food & Beverage Basic Course Training


This ASEC-FP Soy F&B Basic Course (BC1) is specially designed jointly by USSEC SE Asia with the Asian soy expert groups and partners to support the Learning and Development (L&D) plan of soy food and beverage and the soy related industries in Asia.  The BC1 course is an applied foundation course from among a series of USSEC-ASEC-FP Soy L&D Programme.

The objective of BC1 is to provide a comprehensive overview of basic soy science, agriculture  technology and supply, market development  and consumer understanding in order to fast track the development of R&D, commercial and manufacturing talents in this fast-growing industry.

 The contents will include a) the fundamentals of soybeans & supply chain, b) soy nutrition, functional attributes and health c) soy and soy products processing and production technologies, d) applied soy research in F&B innovation, e) exploration of sustainable production, and f) understanding of current soy market dynamic, trends, use of data driven scientific research to support consumer communication strategy. U.S. Soy differentiation and varietal specific soybeans and ingredients for value-added product development will be included in the course content.

Learning Objectives

Participants are expected to gain an overarching view of soy industry and developing fundamental knowledge of soy science & technology, communication and marketing strategies, and commercial applications of both the existing and new soy derivatives, food and beverage products.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to develop basic competency for soy product development & innovation, quality and food safety risk assessment, process improvement and technology innovation as well as acquiring up to date facts and knowledge to support consumer communication and/or technical write up. The learning will accelerate the technology and knowledge transfer to develop sustainable soy innovation and soy health communication strategy.