Purchasing, Risk Management and Logistics: Leveraging Sinergies


On behalf of the U.S. Soybean Export Council - USSEC Americas, we are pleased to extend this invitation to you to join us for the “Purchasing, Risk Management and Logistics” Trade Mission, which will take place from July 30 to August 1 of this year in the cities of Chicago and New Orleans in the United States.  

The objective of the mission is to provide an opportunity to expose you to the range of benefits of U.S. soybeans, such as sustainable production, logistical advantages, technology and inherent services. Collaborate in refining your key input sourcing processes by exposing you to the grain and oilseed production - export chain.  

  • Visits with soybean producers and industry representatives, traders and logistics operators.   
  • Direct exposure to the supply chain from soybean farms to export at U.S. Gulf ports. 
  • Exchange of information on logistics, elevation, quality assessment, certification methods, documentation, leading up to observation of physical export.   

Participant profile:     
Buyers, importers, generally related to supply, collaborators involved in decision making; executive personnel in feed and animal protein production operations in the range.  


All participants must meet the following requirements (essential at the time of registration). 
Valid passport (minimum 6 months at the date of travel). 
Visa to enter the United States or ESTA waiver.   

 This invitation includes:  

  • Round trip airfare: outbound July 29 (city of origin) and return August 02. 
  • Nights of lodging in Chicago: from July 29th to July 31st. 
  • Nights of lodging in New Orleans: July 31 to August 02. 
  • Meals included in the agenda from July 30 to August 01. 

The above items will be arranged and covered by USSEC ONLY FOR EVENT DATES.  
Food and other expenses not specified below (e.g.: ground transportation to your place of origin and airport-hotel) will have to be covered by the participant. 

We look forward to your valuable participation and kindly ask you to confirm your attendance by completing your registration before May 31, 2024.