Don’t Forget to Register for USSEC’s Second Annual U.S. Soy International Marketing Dialogue!

The second annual U.S. Soy International Marketing Dialogue (IMD) meeting and workshop will be held on November 28 and 29 at the Marriott St. Louis West.
This meeting will provide U.S. Soy industry stakeholders with a chance to learn more about USSEC’s global efforts and opportunities and offers attendees an opportunity to provide valuable input in the kickoff to our FY19 planning.
The meeting will consist of:

  • Keynote address 
  • Futurist panel 
  • USSEC regional overviews
  • USSEC’s work & United Soybean Board’s (USB) Long Range Strategic Plan
  • Industry utilization area breakouts
  • Review of meeting, industry utilizations, and industry reports

USSEC will host a networking dinner reception at the recently completed Monsanto global R&D center of excellence, a $400 million expansion of their Chesterfield campus.
Additionally, USSEC invites attendees to participate in its Industry Utilization Teams. These groups play a key role in the organization’s planning process, having met throughout FY17 to provide valuable stakeholder input. The teams will continue to provide input ahead of our FY19 planningm and this meeting will include the election of new officers.
Teams will be focused on a particular Industry Utilization Area with team members discussing, and providing guidance, on their utilization’s obstacles and opportunities with USSEC staff. Attendees who sign up to participate in an Industry Utilization Team will be expected to participate in the team's full agenda.

  • Market Access Team:  The Market Access Team will provide input for USSEC’s worldwide Market Access programing for FY19.
  • Oil/Human Utilization Team:  The Oil and Human Utilization Team will provide input for USSEC’s Oil and Human programing for FY19.
  • Animal and Aquaculture Feed Utilization: The Animal and Aquaculture Feed Utilization Team will provide input for USSEC’s worldwide animal and aquaculture programing for FY19.

To register, please click here.
More questions? Please contact USSEC Stakeholders Relations Manager Will McNair or USSEC Stakeholder Relations Coordinator Eric Gibson.