Dominican Swine Customers Receive Technical Service

USSEC worked with swine customers in the Dominican Republic last May.
Consultants Laura Batista, Jeff Zimmerman, Victor Quintero, and Pedro Lora participated in one-on-one meetings; visited two diagnostic laboratories, LAVECEN and IPD; and provided technical assistance to swine producers and swine veterinarians in Santo Domingo, Licey, Moca, and Santiago.
The team also participated in two seminars. The first was in coordination with APPROAMOLI, PED with more 70 swine producers and technicians. At the second seminar, the consultants learned about the latest techniques in the diagnosis of swine diseases. This seminar had 37 participants.
The correct disease diagnosis of the swine allows for a better performance, an increase in production, and therefore a better soybean meal consumption, due to more pigs produced per sow per year.

One-on-one meeting at LAVECEN
One-on-one meeting at LAVECEN
USSEC consultants Jeff Zimmerman and Laura Batista at a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Wendy Gonzalez at DIGEGA Epidemiology
USSEC consultants Jeff Zimmerman and Laura Batista at the laboratory of Instituciones Pecuarias Dominicana - IPD