Dairy Customers Learn About U.S. Soybean Meal at Costa Rican Dairy Cattle Association Congress

USSEC participated in the XXIII Costa Rican Dairy Cattle Association Congress, which was attended by more than 1400 dairy producers and technicians.
USSEC technician Carlos Campabadal traveled to the symposium, which was conducted at the El Pedregal Convention Center in Heredia, Costa Rica, and consisted of 37 conferences related to dairy cattle, goat nutrition, management topics, and the elaboration of dairy products.
The dairy cattle conferences emphasized the effect of nutrition in dairy cattle reproduction. A total of nine conferences presented by international dairy experts were given on this topic. The other area that was also intensively covered was the use of forages in dairy production. Dairy feed, equipment, feed additives, and medicines were also showcase in an expo with the participation of 92 companies.
Mr. Campabadal had the opportunity to discuss different nutrition and management topics with dairy producers, emphasizing the importance of the use of U.S. soybean meal in dairy diets.