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USSEC’s Efforts Lead to Increased U.S. Soy Bypass Protein Exports in Saudi Arabia and Middle East

USSEC held dairy nutrition seminars in cooperation with West Central (Wilmar, MN), Ag Processing, Inc, AGP (Omaha, NE), and Fornazor International (Hillsdale, NJ), covering the ins and outs of container logistics for bypass soybean meal AminoPlus®, a value-added product, from the U.S. to the Middle East. Many dairy farms in the Middle East have started to import AminoPlus® and SoyPlus® from AGP and West Central in containers. AminoPlus® is produced by AG Processing Inc., exported by Fornazor, and distributed by a Saudi company Nutriplus Commodities. Fornazor exports 40,000 metric tons (MT) of AminoPlus® from Houston to Saudi Arabia, equal to about 60 percent of AGP’s total exports of Amino Plus®.