soybean field

USSEC Provides Technical Assistance to Dominican Dairy Producers

USSEC consultants Carlos Espinosa and Pedro Pablo Lora provided recent technical assistance to dairy producers in the northern region of the Dominican Republic.  These consultants visited eleven dairy farms that consume U.S. soybean meal-based feeds to give advice on farm management, heifer replacement practices, animal reproduction, animal health and development feeding programs and nutritional recommendations to the dairy sector.  The USSEC team also suggested the use of replacement milk in dairy production.
Mr. Espinosa and Mr.Lora were interviewed by a local television channel in the municipality of Guananico for a program dedicated to heifer breeding.  They discussed separating calves from their mothers immediately after birth for good breeding and development, the usage of high quality milk replacers for liquid feedings and the importance of using pre-starters of excellent digestibility.  The consultants also held a meeting in Guananico with 23 breeders from that region where they lectured about these issues.  Finally, the USSEC consultants visited a swine farm in Villa Mella, Santo Domingo to review its management program for replacement gilts, breeding herds, maternity units and weaning areas.

USSEC consultant Carlos Espinosa inspecting a dairy farm in the Dominican Republic