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USSEC Releases Soybean Meal by Quality Report

USSEC recently released the report, “Soybean Meal Quality by Origin, report no. 4/2016,” based on current (May) and future (August-October) feedstuff prices for feeds of different species.
The report shows the added value of higher quality soybean meal by origin for different regions based on current feedstuff prices in feeds for swine, layers and/or broilers.
The report highlights that:

  • Although soybean meal is sold on a per unit of protein basis, differences in digestible energy and amino acid content contribute more to the value of soybean meal
  • Differences in value are largest for broiler feeds followed by layer and swine feeds in all regions.
  • Soybean meal prices have increased significantly in the Netherlands, Spain and Poland; the future price (August-October) has also increased and is only slightly lower than the current price.
  • The prices of synthetic amino acids like DL Methionine, L Threonine and L Tryptophan have decreased more, decreasing the added value of high(er) quality Hipro soybean meal. The value of Hipro soybean meal from the U.S. increases with high prices of the synthetic amino acids because of a higher digestible amino acid content.