Facility Planning Calculators

Use these Excel spreadsheets to help with planning and operating the In-Pond Raceway System per USSEC recommended Best Management Practices.

With these calculators you can determine the number of raceways to build for your size of pond, the number of fish to stock per raceway cell, the amount of daily feed to offer, the flow rate of water in the raceway, and the amount of therapeutant for treatments. 

Facility Planning

Determines the pond water volume and the Best Management Practices for number of raceways to build.

Water Velocity and Exchange Rate

Determines velocity of water flow and hourly raceway volume exchange rate.

Fingerling and Stocker Numbers

This calculator determines the number of fish to stock into raceway cells (with PZ = 220m3)

Chemical Treatments

This tool determines amount and cost of therapeutant treatments.

Feeding Calculator Tools