USSEC In-Pond Raceway Systems

In-Pond Raceway Systems (IPRS) are an advanced approach to pond aquaculture that combines the management benefits of confining fish in a small portion of the pond with the production capacity of a flowing water system. The IPRS Manual provides both readers and developers with answers to these questions and more:

  • What is it?
  • Who should use it?
  • What are the advantages?

USSEC prioritizes IPRS technology to enable effective, efficient and sustainable aquaculture production. The IPRS technology offers the potential to double, or even triple, yields beyond traditional pond expectations. The concept is to concentrate fish in “raceways” within a pond and provide them with constant water circulation using an innovative combination of existing tools and aquaculture principles.

Pangassius feeding
Tilapia feeding

USSEC’s IPRS technical specifications are considered the gold standard for producers who are intent on incorporating IPRS on their farms. Our technical experts support customers who utilize IPRS, according to the specifications in the IPRS manual. Refer to the technical information and decision tools contained in the manual to see if IPRS is right for your operation.