USSEC In-Pond Raceway Videos

Flowing Water Within the Pond

Oxygen-rich water enhances the breakdown of the liquid and solid fish waste as well as decaying organic debris produced by nutrients not captured by the fed fish. The rapid rate of breakdown of these materials by oxygen rich water populated with living, healthy and growing biota make IPRS possible and profitable for those who follow the principles.

Whitewater Unit is the Heart of the System

WhiteWater Units (WWU) are electrically powered, high-efficiency airlift water movers that aerate, mix and circulate the water through the raceways and around the pond. Electricity supply must be reliable and constant (with auto-start back-up electrical generator in place) for IPRS success.

Solid Waste Collection & Removal

The standard IPRS technology increases production dramatically by reducing the solid waste feces released by fish from entering the pond and by increasing the biological assimilation capacity of the pond to process suspended and liquid waste products.