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USSEC Hosts Soy Meal Workshop in Korea

USSEC recently hosted the 2013 U.S. Hipro Dehulled Soy Meal Workshop in Pyongchang, South Korea. Important topics covered included the arrival of U.S. soy meal for feed formulations and the value of digestible amino acids. During the workshop, USSEC speakers discussed how those factors can impact purchasing recommendations for the Korea Feed Association member feed mills. They emphasized that soy meal should be evaluated on its digestible amino acids and crude protein levels. Data presented at the workshop highlighted the variance of amino acid content in soy meal from different origins.
In addition to educating participants on how to analyze amino acids in U.S. soy meal, the workshop offered a venue to strengthen relationships with Korean customers.  Last month, three cargo loads of U.S. hipro dehulled soy meal were delivered to Korean feed mills.

Say Young Jo, USSEC Korea country director, welcomes participants to the two-day 2013 U.S. Hipro Dehulled Soy Meal Workshop.