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USSEC Continues Long-Term Cooperation with Aquaculture Feed Mill in the Philippines

USSEC continues to provide technical assistance to Santeh Feeds Corporation, a longtime USSEC cooperator and one of the most successful aquaculture feed mills that produces fish and shrimp feeds in the Philippines.  Santeh has three feed mills located strategically in major aquaculture production centers on the islands of Luzon and Mindanao and are certified in many ISO standards for environmental responsibility in the aquafeed industry.  Santeh also works closely with aquaculture hatcheries to support the needs of their customers and operates its own marketing arm to help their customers in selling their products.

USSEC began its cooperation with Santeh in 2008, with Santeh producing feeds for USSEC demonstration projects.  USSEC has worked closely with Santeh’s nutrition and formulation staff to optimize soy inclusion in their aqua diets without sacrificing the efficiency and performance of the feed.  USSEC worked with feed mill production staff via seminars and hands on activities to maximize plant capacity and improve feed production.  Santeh has adopted many of the USSEC soy optimized targets in their formulations and continues to produce high quality feeds for the aquaculture industry.
In 2009, USSEC conducted a high value marine fish demonstration project for Santeh at their fish cage farm in Bataan, Philippines to demonstrate the USSEC Low Volume High Density (LVHD) cage culture production technology.  This cage aquaculture production technology package was developed by USSEC in China and promotes maximizing cage production through the use of good cage site selection, proper cage positioning, maximum cage volumes and densities, along with the use of high quality extruded floating feeds and strict feed management.  This system aims to maximize farmer profit, improve productivity, reduce feed conversion ratios (FCRs) and limit or prevent environmental degradation.  Since the USSEC demonstration, Santeh has adopted the LVHD cage culture principles on their farm.  This conversion is highlighted by the complete shift from using sinking feeds to extruded floating feeds, providing more spaces between cages for better water exchange and management.  Santeh has promoted the technology to their customers.