United States

2021 Commodity Classic


This year Commodity Classic has gone virtual. Once again it will be providing top-quality educational sessions and USSEC is proud to be a Sponsor as well as host a Learning Center Session. Learning Session Title: Working to Change How the Global Animal Feed Industry Values Soy Protein. Description: Traditionally, buyers evaluate soy on one metric: crude protein. However, we’re learning and the newest research shows that crude protein is not the best indicator for meeting the nutritional needs of animals and aquaculture. Other factors such as quality and the amino acid profile impact the palatability, digestibility, and overall energy value derived from soy. USSEC is putting a spotlight on this new research and working to change how buyers look at soy. One of the newest tools to help them do this is the Soy Nutrition Value Calculator, and USSEC has been working with key customers all around the globe to give demonstrations and highlight the “true value” of U.S. Soy, it’s the essential, economical and responsible choice.