soybean field

USSEC Launches New Video at

USSEC recently launched a new video on its site.
The video, called “This is Harvest,” covers a day in the life of the Hartke family as they work together to harvest their soybean crop at their fourth-generation farm in Teutopolis, Illinois.
The website tells the story of U.S. farmers.  International buyers of U.S. soy have shown great interest not only in learning more about how their crop was raised, but are also interested in the families and farms who produce it. highlights the people and the stories behind the production of U.S. soy and showcases the actual product, soybeans themselves.
Part of USSEC’s mission is to work closely with international buyers to educate them about the quality and sustainability of U.S. soy.  “This is Harvest” allows buyers to actually see the dedication of U.S. soybean farmers to their commitment of sustainability and family farming.
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