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USSEC Starts Certification Program for Aqua Feed Mills and Shrimp Farms in Ecuador

USSEC is conducting a certification program for aqua feed mills and farms that utilize U.S. soybean meal in various Latin American countries.   The goal of this program is to maximize the presence of U.S. soy in these producers’ main markets and increase their consumption of U.S. soybean meal.  USSEC consultant Jairo Amezquita visited aqua feed mills and shrimp farms in Ecuador to extend an invitation for them to participate in the certification program and to discuss the details and requirements for inclusion in the program.  Two aqua feed mills and one shrimp farm have already indicated interest and will begin working with USSEC and a world leader certification service company.  A seminar will be conducted in Quito in June to encourage other aqua mills and farms to join the certification program and will detail the benefits of participating in the program.

Ecuador is the largest shrimp producer in the Americas, producing about 240,000 metric tons (MT) of shrimp per year.  This translates to annual consumption of more than 400,000 MT of feed and a potential of 160,000 MT for U.S. soybean meal.